Information for Presenters

NOTE: All participants must be current AMS members and 
are required to register for the meeting.

Most sessions consist of three papers divided into 30-minute periods. Each paper is to be no more than 20 minutes long. The remaining time is reserved for introductions and questions. Session chairs are generally expected to assist with introductions, time management, and the management of question periods.  To ensure a successful session, please be sure to communicate well with your session chair in advance of the meeting and to comply with requests regarding the sharing of a draft of your paper. 

Important note: the AMS is committed to doing what it can to accommodate the needs of disabled attendees. Click here to see our current Guidelines.


All rooms are provided with computer projectors, iPod/MP3/laptop audio connections, and microphones. Pianos are available in some, not all, rooms. If you require a piano, please be sure to request it when submitting your proposal. 


If you plan to use your laptop, ensure that you bring a HDMI connector/adapter (dongle). If you share with others in the session, ensure that all necessary files are present. Please ensure that your connection to the display goes as planned by utilizing the preparation room (see below)!


A room has been set aside for those who plan to use their laptop (for powerpoint or video display, for example). Please plan to use the prep room to try out the system and make sure all the materials are correct at one of these times. Don't just show up at your session and assume that you can figure out how to get your materials displayed/heard! Rooms are provided with AMS-member monitors to assist with handouts, but we do not have the resources to provide a technician for every room for the entire conference.


If you were a graduate student at the time of proposal submission, you may apply for the Pisk Prize (for an outstanding paper presented at the meeting). Deadline: 1 October 2020, 12 noon EST.


Please provide sufficient handouts for your audience. Room sizes vary from about 100 to about 300; when room assignments are finalized, you can gauge the quantity you'll need. Some presenters bring enough for a "full house;" some bring one for every two, assuming "full house."  Add your handout to the meeting's app for mobile devices using this form. If planning for a paper handout, consider having it printed and delivered to you in Boston, to save the trouble of carrying it while traveling. There is a FedEx Print & Ship located on-site and another located across the street at the convention center.


If you are using a recording, it is requested that appropriate acknowledgment of the performance and/or performer(s) be made in your paper or on a handout.


When you submitted your proposal you acknowledged that the material you would present is your original work and does not violate copyright law.

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