Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Musicological Society (AMS) and Society for Music Theory (SMT) have made the difficult decision to cancel this year's in-person meeting. Instead, AMS and SMT will hold its joint meeting virtually over two weekends, 7–8 and 14–15 November 2020. AMS and SMT will each have separate conference platforms, allowing attendees to register for just AMS events, just SMT events, or both. However, the conference programs and schedules will be aligned, and all attendees will have access to a joint Exhibit Hall.

Registration FAQs

  • When will the annual meeting take place?
    The American Musicological Conference (AMS) and the Society for Music Theory (SMT) will meet 7-8 and 14-15 November 2020, beginning at 10:00am each day. Sessions, meetings, and events will start on the hour.

  • Is this still a joint meeting, even though AMS and SMT are using different platforms?
    Yes. It was conceived and developed as a joint meeting through collaboration between AMS and SMT. There are many joint events scheduled, and the joint exhibit hall will be open to all meeting attendees. Registration rates also reflect partnership, as those who register for both AMS and SMT events through 3 November 2020 will receive a $15 discount.

  • Will I be required to be a member of both societies to register for all AMS and SMT events?
    If you wish to register for both events, please use the registration form for the society for which you are a member. You will have the option of purchasing an Add-on to register for the other society's event at a discount price, available through 3 November 2020. Non-member fees are available for those who are not a member of either society.

  • When will the schedule for the conference be made available?
    The preliminary schedule is available here.

  • When can I register and what will it cost?
    Early registration will be available on or before 1 August 2020 through 1 October 2020. Regular registration rates will go into effect 2 October. Attendees have the option to register for AMS, SMT, or for both. Those wishing to register for both AMS and SMT will enjoy a $15 discount, available through 3 November 2020. See registration rate table below.

    AMS-only Registration Rates

    Rate CategoryEarly (by 10/1/2020)Regular (10/2/2020–11/15/2020)
    AMS MembersStudent, retired, or low-income$55.00$70.00
    Non-MembersStudent, retired, or low-income$95.00$145.00

    SMT Add-on Registration Rates

    Rate CategoryEarly (by 10/1/2020)Regular (10/2/2020–11/15/2020)
    AMS MembersStudent, retired, or low-income$10.00$40.00
    Non-MembersStudent, retired, or low-income$60.00$85.00

  • Will I have access to all conference events if I do not register at the joint rate?
    No. Registering just for SMT or AMS will only give you access to that society's platform and events, as well as to any joint sessions, meetings, and exhibits. For unlimited access, you must register with both organizations.

  • I'm a presenter for an AMS event. Do I have to register for both AMS and SMT events?
    No. AMS presenters need only register for AMS events, though they may choose to also register for SMT events.

  • Can I register a group for the 2020 AMS-SMT Virtual Annual Meeting?
    Yes, you can register groups of 15 or more students for the Annual Meeting here.

  • Do graduate students require institutional affiliation to qualify for the student group registration rate?
    No. Groups of 15 or more graduate students qualify for the group registration rate, regardless of institutional affiliation.

  • Is there a cancellation policy?
    Yes. Refund requests will be honored if received on or before 28 October 2020 and are subject to a $20 processing fee.

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Conference FAQs

  • Where is the event site?
    Visit the event site here.  Please be aware that if you haven't registered, you will have limited access. If you believe you have the wrong access, contact the AMS office so we can troubleshoot.

  • What can I expect from the first-ever virtual Annual Meeting?
    Details on what to expect are available here.

  • When will I gain access to the virtual event platform?
    Sponsors, exhibitors, and networking/social event organizers will gain access to the virtual event platform in the 2nd week of October to begin building their virtual experience.
    Attendees and participants will gain access to the virtual event platform in the last week of October to begin viewing presentation videos and other materials.

  • What will the exhibitor booth look like?
    For more information about the exhibitor booth experience, please refer to Pathable's Configuration and Overview resources.

  • Is there anything attendees should do to prepare for the Annual Meeting?
    Attendees will be given access to the virtual event platform in the last week of October to begin viewing presentation videos and other materials in advance of scheduled sessions. Attendees should come prepared to scheduled sessions on the program, as this time will be used to engage in live Q&A with session presenters, participate in live workshops, etc.

  • Will presentations be pre-recorded or live? Asynchronous or synchronous?
    It depends. Most presentations will be pre-recorded and available in advance of a scheduled, live Q&A. Presenters should refer here for upload guidelines and information on how to create a presentation. Certain special sessions, like workshops, lectures, plenaries, award presentations, and business meetings, will be conducted or screened live.

  • Will there still be a poster session?
    Yes. The virtual meeting will feature the full range of traditional session types, including poster sessions.

  • Is there a deadline for presenters to upload materials?
    Yes. Presenters must register by 8 October and upload materials by 15 October. Information and instructions on creating, formatting, and uploading presentations is available here.

  • Will presentations be available after the conference?
    The availability of presentations after the conference will be subject to author approval.

  • Will there be opportunities to network and socialize?
    Yes. There will be many opportunities to network, socialize, and connect with colleagues and friends. There will also be tools to help you introduce yourself to new colleagues and arrange one-on-one meetups. Institutions that are interested in hosting events may do so here.

  • Will there be an exhibit hall?
    Yes, we will have a virtual exhibit hall available to all registrants. Exhibitors will have a dedicated space on the AMS platform and the opportunity to collect leads and set up one-on-one meetings with interested attendees. Vendors can reserve their exhibit booth here.

  • Will there be a program book?
    Absolutely. There will be a publicly downloadable PDF program, as well as searchable digital program available to all registrants. The preliminary program schedule is available here.

  • How do I reserve an exhibit booth or program book ad?
    Click here to learn more about exhibits, ads, and networking events packages.
    Click here to learn more about sponsorship packages.

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Proposal FAQs

  • I want to submit a proposal for a roundtable, workshop, or film. Can I also submit a normal paper proposal?
    No. Roundtable, workshop, and film session conveners (organizers) are considered the equivalent of a session organizer.

  • I participated in a Formal Session (or Alternative Format Session, or Seminar, or Evening Panel) in 2019. Can I also submit a proposal for 2020?
    No; session participants (as well as session organizers) are to take a one-year hiatus from submitting proposals.

  • I'm submitting a Session proposal. Where do I include the name of the proposed session chair or respondent? Should I include participant names?
    Please include the name of your proposed session chair or respondent as the last line of the summary, e.g. "We propose _______ as session chair." Names of participants are collected in the online form when one submits each proposal. Please do not include participant names in the body of the summary text; the proposal read by the committee should be anonymous.

  • May I submit a proposal even if I am not a member?

  • If I presented a poster in 2019 may I submit a proposal in 2020?
    No. Poster presentations are the equivalent of presenting a paper or organizing a session.

  • I am worried that my electronic proposal will be garbled. Should I submit both paper and electronic proposals?
    No. It merely creates clerical confusion. You will receive an email receipt after submitting your proposal, assuring that it is in hand. If there is any question regarding your submission the office will communicate with you.

  • I prefer email: can I just email a document to you?
    No. Emailed proposal submissions will not be considered.

  • Can I submit a paper proposal and also participate in a roundtable?
    An individual may participate in any one of the presentation formats included in the CFP and appear one other time on the program as a chair/organizer of a session or as a respondent. No one may appear on the program more than twice.

  • Can I submit two different proposals in case one of them isn't accepted?
    Only one proposal per person per society (AMS and SMT) is allowed. However, proposals of the same or similar content cannot be submitted by the same person to both the AMS and the SMT.

  • Are proposals read anonymously (i.e., with the names of participants hidden from the committee)?
    Mostly. Roundtable and Workshop proposals are read openly, and all the names of participants are given to readers (and should be included in the proposal). But individual proposals and sessions are read anonymously until the final stages of the committee's work.

  • My proposal has more than one author; how do I indicate that in the online system?
    Those submitting individual proposals and poster proposals may add additional author(s). See the submission form: enter names at the "Additional author(s)" field located in the "Your Information" box.

  • May I submit two paper proposals if they are on entirely different subjects?
    No. You may, however, submit one proposal to the SMT and another proposal to the AMS. (Please do not submit the same proposal to both committees.) If you do this, you must specify which is to take precedence should both proposals be accepted. You may not present both.

    Only one proposal per person is permitted. You may not submit a paper proposal and another proposal for a different format, including as a participant in a three-paper organized session.

  • I was a participant in an Alternative Format session in 2019. Can I also submit an individual presentation proposal or participate in a panel in 2020?
    No. Those who participated in any of the seven presentation formats at the 2019 AMS meeting may not submit proposals for the 2020 meeting.

  • I am organizing a Study Group proposal. How do I submit this for Program Committee consideration?
    Study Group session proposals are not vetted by the Program Committee.

  • When submitting a Workshop or Roundtable proposal: Does the word limit include the proposal title? The participant names?
    The word limit includes the participant names, but not the proposal title.

  • I am concerned about the word count. Should I email a copy, just in case?
    No. If there is a problem with your submission's length, we will contact you.

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What to Expect at the Virtual Annual Meeting

  • Platform Access
    Sessions will be held in Zoom webinar and meeting rooms on the Pathable virtual event platform. Registrants will gain access to the Pathable platform in late October to set up their profiles and view pre-recorded content.

  • Listen and Unwind Sessions, Coffee Breaks, and Meditation Sessions
    Hosted by AMS, these sessions are designed to give attendees a moment to unwind, relax, and prepare for the day ahead. There are also opportunities for external organizations to host events.

  • Social and Networking Events
    Live social and networking events will be held in Zoom rooms and on Remo. Events held in Remo may be scheduled for up to 2 hours. Events held in Zoom rooms are limited to 50 minutes. Video and chat features will be available to attendees during these gatherings. Events will not be recorded.

  • Paper Presentations
    All papers will be pre-recorded. Attendees should plan to view these videos before attending the scheduled live Q&A sessions listed on the program. Q&A sessions will be recorded and remain available to attendees for six to eight months after the event.

  • Posters
    Poster presentation videos will be posted (along with supplementary materials) on a "Posters" page on the Pathable platform. These presentations will be available at all times and attendees interested in discussing the details of a poster will be encouraged to schedule a one-on-one video conversation with the presenter through Pathable. Posters will not have a scheduled presentation time.

  • Workshop Presenters
    Workshops will be conducted live at the scheduled time, though attendees should plan to review supplementary materials in advance. Workshops may be recorded for post-session review at the discretion of workshop leaders. These recordings will not be posted.

  • Roundtable Presenters
    Roundtable sessions will take place live during the scheduled time. The roundtable will be recorded and remain available to attendees for six to eight months after the event.

  • Featured Events
    Performances and lectures will be pre-recorded and livecast at the scheduled time.

  • Exhibits
    Attendees may talk with exhibitors during scheduled exhibit hall times and browse exhibitor pages at any time. From the exhibitor page, attendees can schedule meetings with exhibitors and request more information about offerings.

  • Exhibitor Showcases
    Exhibitors will host 30-minute product demonstrations, author meet and greets, and other showcases in Zoom rooms on the Pathable platform. Attendees may submit questions via chat.

  • Joint Events
    Joint AMS-SMT events will be accessible on the Pathable platform to all those registered for either AMS or SMT.

  • AMS Business Meeting
    This event will occur live within Pathable at the scheduled time. Attendee Q&A will also be facilitated live. The meeting will be recorded and remain available to attendees for six to eight months after the event.

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